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Experienced sales and copywriting professional providing tailored marketing solutions to small and medium businesses. Focused on end to end solutions, from generating leads, to closing sales.



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About AK Writing

In this ultra-competitive, marketing landscape, can you afford to be average?

AK Writing exists to help you stand out.

Ash comes with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing.
His journey from a casual salesperson at Chandlers to State Manager at a national IT distribution company, while battling health issues including a double lung transplant in 2015, gave him the experience, know-how, tenacity, and marketing insight, to help your business grow.

His authentic, conversational, and engaging content allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level, helping you build customer loyalty and brand recognition.

His personable, confident, and refined approach to sales helps your business generate leads, or close those big sales. Whether you need help with phone calls, trade shows, presentations, or sales training, Ash can help turn your sales around.


Your company’s written communication says a lot about your business – are you sending the right message?

Web traffic is useless if it doesn’t lead to sales.

Most copywriters can write content to tickle the Google bots, that is the easy part, but what good is search engine optimised (SEO) content, if it doesn’t compel your audience to buy?

Copywriting that can do both is essential to your business success. 

From your website content and social media posts, to direct marketing sales letters and presentations, Ash from AK Writing can help your business produce remarkable results and breath new life into your content.

Sales Solutions

Spend more time closing sales, and less time chasing cold leads.
Sales isn’t a numbers game; it’s a people game.

Sales can make or break a company; it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if you don’t have a good sales team, no one will buy it.

With over 20 years of sales experience, countless sales training seminars, and a diploma in Business Development, it is safe to assume Ash knows sales.

Ash fell into sales when he was looking for a casual job after high school, he soon realised he had a gift for getting people to say yes, and he loved building connections and finding genuine solutions for his clients.

Graphic Design


Graphic Design to spark conversation and create positive outcomes.
Creating visually appealing, refined graphics that set you apart from your competition.

How your brand looks is essential for creating an excellent first impression.

Logos, brochures, pamphlets, web banners, social media ads, they are all the looks department of marketing. Think of it in terms of dating; you love your partner for their personality, their sense of humour or kindness (copywriting). But, you first spoke to them because you were attracted to them (graphic design). Your brand needs to attract people so they can hear what you have to say.



Contact him now, and start seeing your business grow.


What they are saying about AK Writing

Ash is a very talented copywriter. I would not hesitate in recommending AK writing to anyone.

Brent Wesely

Consulting One

Amazing personal service that gets results. Ash actually takes the time to find out about you and your business. Highly recommend reaching out!

Jason Gillespie

LTYB Clayfield

Ash has been a resource to myself and my team for many years. A genuine nice guy who always gets results and delivers on his promises. Thanks Ash!

Geoff Augutis

QLD Computers

Fantastic work! An absolute delight to work with, definitely would hire again!

Emma Lee

SSAE Custom

Ashley was by far the best Graphic Designer I have found on here. He was patient and open to my ideas while bringing amazing creativity to the project. It’s airtaskers like him that make this platform such a great idea. HIghly recommend and I will be usin ghim again

Illo S

We Click

Highly recommended. The article was provided very quickly, written in clear English and creative flair!

Ellie S

“When I first heard about AK Writing, I thought it sounded Fantastic. Hiring a copywriter? I loved the idea of not having to do the work, but I worried about whether he would be any good. I didn’t want to spend money if he wouldn’t be any better than me.

Fortunately, I tried AK Writing and I loved the results. Not only did Ash save me time, and allowed me to focus on making money. The copy was perfect for my business, he captured the tone of voice better than I could, I loved that Ash took the time to get to know me and my business which save me a lot of time in back and forth. His first draft was near perfect.

I feel so relieved since I discovered AK Writing.”

Nancy J

Ash is passionate about his work, which comes through strongly when working with him. He takes the time to listen to what you’re trying to achieve and tailor a plan that will get you to achieve it. Nothing is too hard, and it’s great he is able to share his advice throughout the planning and implementation process so that we got the best result.
He has delivered what he has promised on time, every time and is a great guy to work with! I would highly recommend to any business to get in contact with him.

Nicola E


After discovering him through facebook, our organisation approached Ash from AK Writing to take over our marketing campaign for multiple brand websites and social media pages of ours. Ash was competitive in price and was helpful even through the quotation process to offer unpaid insight as to how to immediately improve our image and brand recognition and positioning. He delivered fast results and was already informed on our products before our initial sit-in to discuss the campaigns he would run.
Would highly recommend his skillful operation to any other business.

Chris Mensforth


Meet Ash

Born in a Canberra hospital in 1981, by all appearances Ash was a happy, healthy baby… with a slight cough and wheeze.
Eighteen months later, after the family had up and moved to Brisbane, Ash was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic illness which affects the lungs and pancreas of the sufferers. (You can read about my transplant story here.)

Despite these hurdles, Ash grew into a young boy who loved reading, writing and being creative. Despite the efforts of a particular first-grade teacher who tried to stifle Ash’s artistic tendencies.

To this day, Ash retains his love of writing and being creative; he considers himself lucky to be one of the few who gets to do what he loves all day with copywriting, graphic design, and sales. Combine Ash’s innovative nature, with over 20 years in sales and marketing, and you get a man who understands the business side of the market, but also takes pleasure in delivering charming, compelling, captivating pieces of content, and loves helping businesses close those big deals.


 Contact Ash Today

Over the years Ash has helped businesses grow their turn over from $50M to $100M. Worked with companies to go from dealing with 100 businesses a month to 1000. He has saved businesses thousands of hours in wasted time by creating their content. They were all happy they picked went with him.

If he can do it for them, he can do it for you. If you deal with Ash you can rest assured you are in great hands.

You can contact Ash through email, or the contact form.


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