Digital Signage


Grab your customer’s attention with dynamic digital signage

Combat short attention spans with short burst marketing

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human now has an attention span of eight seconds. That is down from 12 seconds in 2000.

For traditional in-store marketing, this could pose a problem. A dull, stagnant sign does nothing to engage or excite customers.

Digital signage can reignite that spark in your customers, grab their attention, and keep them engaged with your brand.

If you have ever sat in a Dr’s office with nothing to read but year-old magazines, you know how boring not being engaged can be. Imagine how your customers feel while waiting in your office, showroom, or restaurant.


Digital signage is your silent salesperson


From telling your customers about your business to announcing exclusive deals and introducing new products & services. Digital signage primes your customer before you begin your pitch.

Digital signage isn’t just for customers; it can be used for staff notifications, displaying metrics, and bringing your “work from home” team together.

AK Writing is proud to be partnering with Telemetry TV to become an Australian reseller for this wonder digital signage company. Australian companies can take advantage of this fantastic product, and be comfortable they will receive local support.


Whether you need, just the software, software and hardware, or software, hardware, and content creation, Ash can design a bespoke package for you and your business needs.


Visit the Telemetry page here.

Please note Telemetry pricing is in US dollars, contact Ash today for a  great deal and local support.



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