The other day I was talking to someone about AK Writing. Like an annoyingly proud mum of a newborn baby, I was gushing over how great it was to be following my dream, the fantastic people I have already met, and the excitement of seeing what the future holds, basically all the fun of a newborn, without the threat of upchuck down the back of my shirt.

As I finished my excited monologue, they asked me one question that made me stop and think. They asked me if I had any regrets about starting AK Writing.

The answer was yes, I had one regret.

I regret not starting AK Writing sooner. I had the knowledge, I had had the skills, and my website was done. However, I continuously held off, thinking I needed more expertise or more information, only when I was sure I knew it all, did I launch.

What is wrong with that?

It turns out, I didn’t know it all, I still don’t know it all, and I will most likely never know it all. AK Writing has only been live for three months, and I have learnt more in that time than I learned leading up to launching. What seems painfully obvious to me now, was not even a blip on my radar four months ago.

I am not saying I was terrible at what I was doing, I have aced all the courses and tests I have done in writing, copywriting and marketing. However, none of it prepares you for the reality of running your own business. Every day seems to be a new challenge, a new hurdle to jump over, a new crisis to avert. But, it is also a new opportunity to learn, a new chance to improve, a new day to increase your skillset.

What does this have to do with you?

Simple, my advice to anyone who is wanting to start their own business, don’t wait, DO IT NOW. If you know you have the skill set, and you are passionate about it, go after it.

Don’t sit back thinking you need to know everything if you do that you will never start. Get a plan in place and charge after it, understand the first few months will be scary and weird, but that is the time you will learn the most, your business will improve faster in the first six months, than any other time. Years down the track you will look back and be glad you took that chance, no matter what happens to the business, you will gain more knowledge, and never have to wonder about ‘what if’.