They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, if that is the case, then launching this website is probably my 50th step, with still so many steps to go.

However, this isn’t some boring dreary trek along a dusty old road, with vultures circling overhead, waiting for my eventual demise. This has been an interesting and exciting excursion, full of learning experiences, obstacles, and the occasional set back. Now here I am launching AK Writing, and stepping into the world of business ownership.

When I tell people I am starting my own copywriting business I generally get two questions. Number one, “You are going to give people exclusive and assignable legal rights for their material? No, that is copyright, totally different.

Number two, Why? The question why, is understandable. I already have a fantastic job, my bosses have supported me through tough times, I work with great people, and get along very well with all my customers. Why leave it all to step out on my own, start from the bottom and risk failure, embarrassment, and having no income? Because of another simple question, what if?

The power of what if

‘What if’, can be a curse or a blessing, a destroyer or a motivator, if a loved one passes away people ask themselves ‘what if’, what if we went to the doctor sooner? What if I picked them up instead of letting them drive? As we age, ‘what if’, will slowly creep into our lives, like an insidious root, it will take hold and damage our psyche. What if I had followed my dream to be a doctor? What if I had gone for that promotion? What if I had asked her to dance? This is the ‘what if’ that extinguishes our joy, leaving us empty and full of regret.

Fortunately, ‘what If’, can also be a powerful tool to motivate, ‘what if’, can be the reason you wake up excited for the day to come, and go to bed happy with what you achieved. ‘What if’, can push you to a better tomorrow. What if I take that chance and move overseas? What if I go for that new job? What if I step out and start my copywriting business?


The answer to what if I step out and start my own copywriting business was an easy one, I could only see benefits;

  • I would be able to follow my passion for writing.
  • I would have the opportunity to be creative.
  • I could meet new people.
  • I have the chance to leave my mark on the world.
  • I would be in control of my financial situation.
  • I would be able to help businesses grow to their full potential.
  • Even if it failed I would gain valuable experience.
  • I wouldn’t have to wonder “what if” later on in life.
  • I would be able to grow my talents doing what I love.

The list of benefits was enough for me to take my first step, yes, there are risks involved, but there are risks in everything we do, crossing the street possesses more risk than this, yet no one looks at me funny and asks “why?” When I cross the street.

Your what if

Here we are at the end of the first blog, on the launch of my copywriting business, it is over to you, what is your what if? Is it holding you back or propelling you forward? Don’t leave it till the end to ask yourself, what it?

Do you wonder what if in regards to your online marketing? What if you improved your website content? What if you start a new social media campaign? What if you could offer powerful thought provoking blogs to capture and maintain your customer’s attention?

Click here to find out how I can help.

AK writing is a Brisbane based copywriting business, specialling in all kinds of copy, including, SEO, Blogs, Websites, Direct Mail, Social media marketing, and much more.

For more information, contact ash@akwriting.com.au