Sales Solutions

Spend more time closing sales, and less time chasing cold leads.
Sales isn’t a numbers game; it’s a people game.

Sales can make or break a company;

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if you don’t have a good sales team, no one will buy it.

With over 20 years of sales experience, countless sales training seminars, and a diploma in Business Development, it is safe to assume Ash knows sales.

Ash fell into sales when he was looking for a casual job after high school, he soon realised he had a gift for getting people to say yes, and he loved building connections and finding genuine solutions for his clients.

Since that first job, many years ago Ash has become a successful, engaging, and driven sales professional, some of his key achievements are;

  • Made it to the “millionaires club” (a salesperson who sells over $1m in a year) in 10 months during his retail sales day
  • Increased the turnover of his territory by over 100% lifting it from $100mil a month to $220mil and increasing margin by 3%
  • Successfully closed the biggest one-off sale at the time worth $2.5mil for a home electronics business.
  • Trained his sales team, and worked closely with them, to increase monthly turn over from $2mil a month at 10% gp, to $5mil a month at 14% gp within two years.

Ash is particularly enthusiastic for helping you chase your business goals, and close those big deals. If your sales need a boost long term, short term and everything in between, Ash can help you win.


Ash has closed thousands of great deals over his career, he can help you.

Contact him now to see how great your sales can be.