Today I write this blog, and I am trying something new,
I will take care with the words I choose, in the hope, this will rhyme for you.

Today’s blog is about the trap, that many businesses face,
of trying to sell to everyone, who shops in their market space.

I see it oh so often, as owners grind their teeth and pull out their hair.
Trying to figure how to sell to everyone, it’s just not fair.

“How?” They cry out, “Why me?” They bemoan,
“To market to everyone, I would need to take out a loan.”

Rejoice, gentle business owner, for I have some truth to declare
You don’t need to sell to everyone, it is ok to share.

To try to sell to everyone, will be an impossible ask,
But to target a specific consumer is a much simpler task.

I understand you might be confused, so please let me explain.
For the example I will use, imagine you sell window panes.

You could market your business to every Tom, Dick, and Jake,
You could offer your service for every chip, scratch, or break.

You could advertise to the world you are the cheapest in town,
And promise some money back, if they give you a frown

Truth to be told you would be flat out from now till old age,
but you would be busting your hump, to take home minimum wage.

So perhaps a better business strategy would be,
To specialize in one area, and charge a higher fee.

You could say you would arrive, in less than an hour from when they holla,
But for such speedy service, they need to be charged an extra dollar

Or maybe you create glass that looks just like art.
Rich people would pay through the nose, to make their house look smart.

One final example, what if the glass was bulletproof.
There would be many people who would pay through the roof.

Too many businesses are afraid to let some customers go,
not realizing they might be the ones hurting their cash flow.

Maybe you are happy to keep doing what you have done,
That is perfectly fine; I wish you happiness and fun.

But maybe this is something you could sit and digest,
earning more money for less work would be the best.

If you think there is a niche; you would like to attack,
feel free to contact me; I got your back.

Well, my dear friends, it is about that time,
I am running out of words, it is getting harder to rhyme.

Thank you for reading this attempt at poetry
I hope you enjoyed reading it, sincerely, Me.